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Creating a Vinyl with our new vinyl maker

Hey there.  We’ve been working on this for a while.  Whilst making vinyl records for you all we’ve been busy building a new vinyl uploader which will make your shopping experience of creating your own vinyl record so much better.  It should be up in the next two weeks and we are very excited about creating custom vinyl records for you even faster and easier than ever before.  

How to create your own vinyl record

Step one Choose the Vinyl Disc

You can select either a 7 inch, 10 inch or 12 inch vinyl record.  

The 7 inch vinyl record has a 4 min limit per side

The 10 inch has a 7 min limit per side

The 12 inch has a 12 min limit per side.  

Once you’ve decided on the length you pick the colour of the vinyl itself.  We offer two colours clear and black.

Making Vinyl Records

Create your Vinyl Mixtape Artwork 

We have simplified the process of creating your own vinyl record so that you can now upload your images for the front, back and centre labels rather than emailing them to us later on.  

In order to make your own vinyl record look its very best we still have the templates on the artwork page so you can size the artwork to the correct dimension.  If you are technically minded the we recommend this option.  If not the uploader will tell you if you images are too small.  

Mp3 to vinyl 

Now you’re ready to upload your songs. Good quality audio is the key.  You can download the files from the amazon digital download store.  Be careful not to use a streaming service like Spotify, Amazon music or Apple music.  We need you to upload files and streaming services don’t have this function..  Our website accepts mp3 files or wav files.  

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