My Mixtapes

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My Mixtapes Vol 1.

We’ve had the pleasure of making custom vinyl records for thousands of customers for years now and here are a list of some of our favourites. Some of them we love because of their custom sleeve designs and some of them we love because of the amazing selection of music. Making vinyl records is an absolute pleasure.

create your won 12 inch vinyl with artwork
12 inch vinyl with artwork

Make your own music

We love the record above (obviously, it’s on our home page) not only because it’s beautiful and simple sleeve design but also because the music was awesome. We don’t know who made it but it was a pleasure to make a lathe cut vinyl of this record. Making your own music is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Start now. Another one of our favourite regular customers is indie label Time and Matter. They sent us over an absolutely brilliant song recently which we made into custom vinyls for them. If you’d like to check them out head over to their website here. Whatever music you make, Cutsy can create a vinyl record just for you.

love is all you need

Music on Vinyl

This amazing looking record we love again for it’s artwork but also because it proves that music on vinyl really is so much better. The mixtape maker in this case was obviously someone who new their music. Full of classic 60’s sounds it made our hearts jump for joy when we cut this vinyl disc. Music on vinyl. Yeah!

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