Mixing and mastering tips.

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Making your own record is a very exciting thing indeed. The following are tip for bands who are preparing their files to be cut to a vinyl to ensure the best results possible. The first thing is dynamic range. When mastering your final mix remember not to over compress your song (or under compress). The best helper for this is your VU meter make sure its bouncing up and down with at least 6db of dynamic range. Vinyl as a medium love to breath, it loves space and it’s really more musical to have dynamic range. The second is treble. High mid frequencies distort on vinyl if they are too high so remember to tame them in the mix phase if you can. You can get away with almost limitless trebles in the digital world but vinyl won’t have it. The third mastering and mixing tip for vinyl is bass. Anything below 40Hz will not commit to a vinyl record so don’t expect it to be cut also anything below 100Hz will need to be centred to avoid the needle popping out of the groove.

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