How to order a custom vinyl record

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7 inch, 10 inch or 12 inch Vinyl Record?

The first step is choosing the size of your custom vinyl. We make 7 inch records, 10 inch records and 12 inch inch records. A 7 inch vinyl has a four minute limit per side, a 10 has 7 mins per side and a 12 has 12 per side.

Design your record sleeve and centre labels

The next step is to design your custom vinyl record sleeve and centre labels. Our new uploader allow you to drag and drop your images and gives you a visual of how it will look. Your personalised vinyl record is nearly complete.

Choose the songs for your vinyl mixtape

Finally you’ll need to upload your songs and your custom vinyl record will be complete. An important thing to remember is that the order of the songs you choose for your “mixtape” is very important. All vinyl records have their song order chosen for a specific reason and it’s to do with the physical limits of a record. When you next listen to your favourite Beatles album remember that those songs are in that order not only for creative reasons but also because in many cases they had to be. The next time you take a listen to your favourite records, notice that they quieter songs will be towards the middle of the record and the louder songs will be towards the outer edge. This is because on an outer groove, the time it takes to do one full revolution is much longer than in the middle so there is less information being packed into the space but as your needle moves to the centre of the record the grooves are packed more tightly together. So, for the best sounding custom vinyl record please put the louder songs on the outside and the quieter ones on the inside.

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