How a custom vinyl record is made

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There really is no better feeling than having your music on vinyl. Traditionally creating a vinyl record goes through several stages. Read on to find out what goes into the process of creating and cutting custom vinyl records here at Cutsy.

Make your own music

First you create your own music. The time and effort you put in to this is a great achievement and feels so rewarding when you finally decide on the end result. You probably can’t wait for everyone to listen to your new tunes. 

Then what’s better than making a custom vinyl record with your new music on it? You might want to share it with the band or your mates, or perhaps just do a one off single vinyl pressing to have in your collection

Custom vinyl  record options

After you’ve made your own music and decided you want to cut it onto a vinyl record you can either make a record with artwork on the sleeve or just a record with no artwork. The record sizes to choose from are 7”,10” and 12”. 

We have two vinyl colours to pick from, the traditional black or the more futuristic clear vinyl which looks pretty neat, depending on what your style is.

Your job is almost done now, just send the music files over to us using the uploader and our vinyl mastering engineer will receive it. 

In safe hands with a vinyl mastering engineer 

After mastering your songs the engineer will cut them on to what is known as an acetate using a vinyl lathe. This is the first step in creating a vinyl stamper, which is the master stamp that goes on to the press. 

Once this master disc is complete it is sent off for electroplating in an ion bath which turns the original master disc into a metal stamper. This metal stamper can then be attached to the press. Now you are ready to start pressing your vinyl record. 

How vinyl pressing works

PVC pellets are placed into an extruder and heated up. The press operator will take a “puck” from the extruder and place it on the record press. The stamper with your master on it comes down at incredible pressure. Now, your music is on vinyl! 

How Cutsy cut vinyl records

At Cutsy, we make vinyl records by completing the first stage of this process but instead of using an acetate we cut in onto high quality PVC. So your music is on vinyl straight away without the need for huge machinery.

Finally we add your chosen artwork and safely send it off so it’s in your hands ready to spin within three days.

Get your own custom vinyl record

Please get in touch if you’re interested in making your own custom vinyl record. Take a pick from vinyl record with or without artwork in the shop, or send us an email at if you have any questions. 

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