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Vinyl Records with artwork:

  • 7 inch vinyl: £35.00
  • 10 inch: £55.00
  • 12 inch: £65.00

Vinyl Record without Artwork

  • 7 inch: £25.00
  • 10 inch £45.00
  • 12 inch £55.00

Yes.  The Import One Stop Shop should be very helpful for our EU customers. 

Further information can be found by following this link to the the IOSS page of the European Commission website.

  • 7” – 4 minutes a side
  • 10” – 7 minutes a side
  • 12” – 12 minutes a side

Yes. With our partner MixPixie we are licensed for over 46 Million songs. Now you can simply upload songs from your downloads/hard drive and we’ll cut them directly to disc. The artists and labels get paid their royalties through our partner MixPixie.

You can even send us your own recordings from home, whether it be an original song, podcast or a voice note you would like to give to someone. Finally, please don’t rip audio from YouTube. As it’s illegal, It usually sounds bad and will not transfer to Vinyl very well.

Please use any tracks that you would like and we will be able to track them via Mixpixie to pay the royalties. Please note we are not able to recreate whole albums of artists and there is a limit of 3 tracks by any one commercial artist on a record, unlike your own original music. We also cannot accept any tracks by the Beatles or Rolling Stones.

You must supply the images (unless using one of our pre made design) and you must have the rights to those images.

Please send the biggest images you have to ensure the best print quality we recommend at least 500KB in file size

Please use .wav, .mp3 or AIFF Please remember that the better quality your source material, the better quality your custom vinyl record will be. All records are cut at 45

No. Spotify is a streaming service and so we are unable to process the audio through our equipment and we do not have a licence for it.

No – the most tracks you can have from one artist on a record is 3.

But if you are uploading all your own original music which you own the rights too, you can have as any tracks as you can fit!

Maximum length of the 12” record is 24 minutes.

We apply signal processing to the audio to ensure the best quality playback. Audio should be mastered before uploading to the vinyl maker. If you are cutting copyright material this will have already been done so you don’t need to do anything.

All records are dispatched in 10 working days (not including the date of purchase) If we suddenly have an influx of orders this may be subject to change.

  • Postage will be calculated based on delivery to your address. As these prices are subject to change we do not provide a separate summary.

    If you have any questions regarding postage, please contact us.

You don’t need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal. Simply click the, “proceed to PayPal” button a the bottom of the checkout and once you arrive at the PayPal landing page just fill in your card details in the “Paypal Guest Checkout” section. It’s just underneath the blue login button on the same page. As soon as you’ve paid
we’ll starting making your vinyl.

**Please check before purchasing that you have put the correct shipping address with PayPal too**

Yes! we can do runs of up to 50 records (depending on how busy we are.) Please email us at – and we can work out a quote for you.