Cutsy are a group of vinyl mastering engineers and designers with a passion for keeping people connected. Nothing communicates and connects better than music so in 2016 we started fusing the two together. Since then we have made thousands of records for people all over the globe. We hand make everything.


A large part of the joy of vinyl records is the packaging and the artwork. We know this and take as much care with the sleeves as we do with records. Our special method of printing manufacturing the sleeves ensures your record will last through the years. We have a number of pre-made designs for you to pick from or you can go custom by downloading the templates or emailing us your images and an idea of how you'd like things laid out.


With our partners MixPixie we have the rights to over 46 million songs. Once you've uploaded your songs we'll double check the licence and get cracking with your custom vinyl record. All records a mastered to perfection before committing them vinyl to ensure you get the best audio quality possible.

How it works

1 You head over the shop page and select your record. You can select original music without artwork or a playlist with any type of music and it includes artwork. Once you've checked out we'll email you straight away with the artwork templates (if you go for custom art). If you go for one our premade designs you have nothing else to do.

2 We'll check over the songs for licensing and for audio quality and start cutting your disc. If there are any issues we'll get in touch. If you like we can send you a proof of your artwork before we go to print.

3 Once we've printed everything and quality checked your record we'll package it up and post it to you. All orders are dispatched in 5 working days plus 1-2 days for delivery.

Cutsy Cards

Our latest addition to the cutsy family is cutsy cards. It's a greetings card that plays a vinyl record. Not just any vinyl records. vinyl records that have an individual voice message that you've recorded yourself. Head over to cutsycards.co.uk to find out more.

Corporate Jobs

We've worked with many large companies over the years. If you have large order that needs doing please contact us directly and we've be happy to help.